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Venice Carnevale Pictures

Photos of Costumes and Masks Taken at Carnival in Venice


These pictures of Carnevale costumes and masks were taken during Carnival season in Venice, Italy. Venice holds the best Carnevale festivals in Italy and is known as one of the top five places in the world to celebrate Carnival.

Carnevale in Venice is a very refined, laid-back kind of affair with lots of awesome entertainment and costumed characters hanging out all over the city. Betsy, who took these photos, says "My advice would be to arrive Wednesday and leave on Saturday. The best-costumed folks were out then and the crowds were big enough to be fun but not so big that you couldn't move. I'd also advise wearing some kind of costume - it adds to the mystery and fun." See more Tips for Going to Venice Carnevale.

Enjoy these photos of people dressed in Carnevale costumes, used by permission © 2009 Betsy Malloy Photography. Click on a thumbnail to see the photo larger.

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venice pictures, carnevale picturesPhotographers and Woman in Carnevale Costumevenice pictures, carnevale pictures, cafe florianCostumed Carnevale Characters in Cafe Florianvenice pictures, carnevale picturesWomen in Red Carnevale Costumesvenice pictures, carnevale picturesWoman in Carnevale Costume
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