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Venice tourism information for travelers to Venice, Italy, including what to see and do, Venice hotels, restaurants, nightlife, transportation, and shopping.
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Venice Travel Essentials - Profile of Venice
Venice is one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in Italy with its winding canals, narrow streets, and beautiful Piazza San Marco. We give you a profile of Venice, Italy, and essential travel information.

Venice Sestiere Map and Information
Venice is divided into six main neighborhoods or sestieri. The sestiere map shows where each neighborhood is. We have highlights of each neighborhood and information about Venice's vaporetto or public transportation system.

Where to Shop in Venice
Here are quality shops in Venice where you can avoid mass produced tourist items.

Acqua Alta, or High Water, in Venice
Each year Venice experiences a period of acqua alta, or high water, when many parts of the city experience flooding. Here's what you need to know about acqua alta in Venice.

Venice Day Trips
There are many interesting places to visit in the area around Venice. Here are suggestions for day trips from Venice to the Venetian islands and towns of the Veneto region with information about how to get to them by public transportation.

When to Go to Venice
If you're planning a trip to Venice, some times of year are definitely better than others. Weather, festivals, and the acqua alta (high water or flooding) should all be considered when deciding when to go to Venice.

Venice Budget Travel Tips
Tips for saving money on your Venice vacation.

Italy Travel Itinerary - Milano to Venice by Train
Some of Italy's most compelling cities lie along the short, east-west train route between Milan and Venice. Our suggested itinerary takes you through a variety of Italian landscapes--from the beauty of Italy's lake region, to the town of Shakespeare's Juliet and to the mystical city of the lagoon, Venice.

Venice to Germany European Itinerary and Map
This suggested European travel itinerary takes in Venice, Vienna, Prague, and Nuremberg, Germany.

Venice with Kids
Visiting Venice with kids, from about's Travel with Kids guide.

Top Movies Set in Venice - The Top Films Set in Venice, Italy
The canals, alleyways, and unusual architecture of Venice make it especially cinematic, which is why several films have cast the city as one of the main characters. If you're looking to armchair travel to Venice, you may want to cue up these films for a glimpse of Venice's celluloid charisma. For even more Italy on film, see Top Movies Set...

Venice Italy Weather and Climate
See what's in store for you, historically speaking, for each month in Venice. Temperatures and rainfall are graphed for you.

Venice Lido
Venice Lido is a long strip of land that runs between the sea and the lagoon. The Lido has good beaches, nightlife, hotels, and water transportation connecting it to the rest of Venice.

Insiders Guide to Venice and the Veneto
Here's a guide to Venice and the Veneto by someone who lives in the Veneto region near Venice.

Jewish Ghetto of Venice
Lots of information about the Jewish Ghetto and visiting Venice.

Living Venice and Beyond by Nan McElroy
Nan McElroy, author and resident of Venice, shares experiences with readers.

Veneto Inside
Veneto Inside is a portal to information and tips about visiting Venice and the Veneto region. They also offer services to travelers such as museum and monument entries, guided tours and visits, and transfers to and from the region's main sites.

Venice for Rookies
Venice for Rookies is an ebook with lots of good tips for visiting Venice. On this web site you'll find information about the ebook, a photo gallery, and the useful blog.

Venice Word
Venice Word has Venice news, events, and a city guide.

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