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Photos of Venice


Venice is one of Italy's most romantic and picturesque cities and a great place for wandering and taking photos. Here are photos of Saint Mark's Square, the Grand Canal, gondolas, and night shots. Enjoy these photos of Venice taken by Gail of Gail Lipson Photography and used by permission. Click on the small images to see the larger photo.

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venice picturePicture of Venice seen from abovebasilica san marco, venice picture, venice night picturePicture of Basilica San Marco venice pictures, venice grand canal picturePicture of Venice's Grand Canal venice grand canal picturePhoto of Grand Canal in Venice
venice picture, venice gondola photoPhoto of a Gondola in a Venice Canalvenice pictures, gondola picturePicture of Gondolas in Venicegrand canal at night picture, venice grand canal picturePhoto of Venice's Grand Canal at Nightpiazza san marco, venice night picturesPhoto of Piazza San Marco
san marco pigeons, venice picturePhoto of Pigeons in Saint Mark's Squarevenice picturePicture of Glass Figurines for Sale in Venicevenice canal, canal in venice picturePhoto of Venice Canalvenice pictures, venice canal picturesPicture of a Canal in Venice
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