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Venice Books

Top Books Set in Venice


The unique, romantic city of Venice makes a fascinating setting for novels, historical fiction, and mystery books. Here are recommended books that take place in Venice.

The Four Seasons: A Novel of Vivaldi's Venice by Laurel Corona

The Four Seasons is historical fiction that takes place in Venice during the time of Vivaldi. Set mainly in a convent orphanage where young girls are trained to be musicians, this book is a fascinating look at 18th century Venice. It's an interesting look at Vivaldi's music and the part he played in training the young musicians of the orphanage, too. I highly recommend this book.

Vivaldi's Virgens by Barbara Quick

An equally enthralling book, Vivaldi's Virgens is is another historical fiction work set in the convent orphanage during Vivaldi's time. I was enthralled both with the fictional story and what I learned about Venice and Vivaldi. I highly recommend this book, too.

The Glassblower of Murano by Marina Fiorato

Here's another book I enjoyed, this time taking place in 17th century Venice and the present. Much of the story is set on Murano Island where the glassblowers worked and lived. It's an interesting look at the development of the glassblowing art and a quick-paced mystery.

The Secret of the Glass by Donna Russo Morin

Here's another book that takes place in the world of the 17th century glassblowers on Murano Island, this time about a woman who secretly practices the art of glassblowing and must keep her secret hidden from the world.

Death at La Fenice by Donna Leon

Death at La Fenice is the first in the mystery series by Donna Leon starring inspector Guido Brunetti. One of the things that makes these mysteries enjoyable is that they are set in Venice. You'll follow Brunetti as he travels around Venice searching for the killer. The mysteries don't need to be read in order to make sense, each is a story by itself. One of the most recent is Willful Behavior (compare prices).

Venetia, A Supernatural Thriller Set in Venice

This thriller starts with a murder that takes place in 1508, then quickly moves into the present. Eventually the past and present meet and the supernatural elements come into play.

Dead Lagoon by Michael Dibdin

Michael Dibdin's mystery series stars Inspector Aurelio Zen and the stories take place in different parts of Italy. Dead Lagoon takes Zen to Venice, his home city, where he traces the disappearance of a wealthy businessman.

A Thousand Days in Venice by Marlena de Blasi

This is Marlena de Blasi's first novel about her new life in Italy that started on a trip to Venice where she falls in love with a stranger. In this romantic book, Marlena moves to Venice and starts a new life there which is not as easy as expected.

In the Company of the Courtesan by Sarah Dunant

This historical fiction takes place in 16th century Venice and tells the tale of a courtesan who escapes the pillage of Rome in 1527 and starts a new life in Venice.

The Titian Committee

This Iain Pear's art mystery is set in Venice and follows the investigation into the murder of an expert in Titian.

The Venice Experiment by Barry Frangipane

This book isn't fiction but is based on the author's adventures living in Venice for a year. In a series of entertaining vignettes, Barry shares the trials and errors of trying to live in Venice and introduces the reader to places and people that were part of his life for a year.

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