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Piazza San Marco Photos

Photos of Saint Mark's Square in Venice, Italy


Enjoy our photos of Piazza San Marco or Saint Mark's Square, Venice's main square and the most visited area of Venice. The piazza has been the heart of Venice for centuries and is lined with elegant historic buildings and posh cafes, like the famous Caffe Florian, popular since 1720. Although very costly, sitting at a cafe on the square is a great place for people watching ans soaking up the atmosphere of Venice.

On the square you'll find the major tourist sites of Venice - Saint Mark's Cathedral, the Doge's Palace, and the clock tower or campanile that you can climb for great views of the city and lagoon. Click on the images to see them larger, then read more about What to See on Piazza San Marco.

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piazza san marco photoPicture of Saint Mark's Clock Towerpiazza san marco photoPicture of Piazza San Marco piazza san marco photoColumns of Saints Mark and Theodorepiazza san marco photoPicture of the Square from the Grand Canal
piazza san marco photoPicture of Arcades on a Buildingsaint mark's cathedral photoClose-up of Saint Mark's Cathedralpiazza san marco orchestra photoPicture of an Orchestra on the Squarepiazza san marco night photoPicture of Piazza San Marco at Night
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