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Venice Photos

Photos of Top Venice Attractions


Explore the city on the water with our photos of Venice's attractions, monuments, squares, canals, and gondolas. Click on a link to go to the picture gallery where you'll see more photos and find additional information.

Venice Picture Gallery

venice picture, canale della guidecca, santa maria della salute, church, guidecca, italy
Guidecca Canal by Martha Bakerjian, licensed to About.com
Our Venice picture gallery gives you a general overview of Venice. You'll see photos of canals, gondolas, San Marco, the arsenale gate, and other Venice attractions.

Piazza San Marco Photos

piazza san marco photo
by Barbara Molini, used with permission

Piazza San Marco, or Saint Mark's Square, is Venice's main square that has been a public gathering place for both locals and tourists for many years. Around the square you'll find the most popular tourist attractions in Venice. Take a closer look at Piazza San Marco with these photos.

Views of Venice From the Bell Tower

venice pictures, venice bell tower photos, venice views
Venice View by Barbara Molini
Here's a bird's eye view of Venice. These pictures were taken from the bell tower or campanile in Saint Mark's Square, a great place for picturesque views of the city and canals from above. It's a whole different way to see Venice.

Rialto Bridge and Market Pictures

Rialto Bridge by Barbara Molini

The picturesque Rialto Bridge has been the main bridge crossing Venice's Grand Canal since 1591. Across the bridge from San Marco is the Rialto Market, Venice's top fish and produce market. Here's a look at the Rialto Bridge, fish market, and views from the bridge.

Gondola Photos

venice, gondola, venice gondola
Martha Bakerjian

Gondolas are a frequent site in Venice and taking a gondola ride is a top thing to do on a Venice vacation. Gondolas conjure up relaxing and romantic images of gliding through the canals of Venice. Enjoy these gondola pictures on Europe Travel.

Venice Carnival Costume Photos

venice pictures, carnevale pictures
Carnevale photo © 2009 Betsy Malloy Photography. Used by Permission.

Venice holds the best Carnevale festivals in Italy and is known as one of the top five places in the world to celebrate Carnival. It's a very exciting time to be in Venice. These photos of Carnevale costumes were taken during the 2009 Carnevale season.

Carnival Masks on Display

venice pictures, carnevale pictures, carnevale masks
Carnival Masks by Martha Bakerjian, licensed to About.com

Carnival masks are sold throughout the year in Venice and make good souvenirs. Here's a look at carnival mask displays on Europe Travel.

Burano Island

Burano Island is an easy day trip from Venice. The island is known for its colorful houses and lace making. Take a look at the colorful houses and leaning tower of Burano Island with these photos on Europe Travel.

Murano Island

Glass Factory on Murano by Linda Garrison, Cruises
Murano Island, a short vaporetto ride from Venice, is known as the island of glass makers. The island has a glass museum, glass factories that you can visit, and shops selling glass as well as interesting canals and squares. Enjoy this photo tour of Murano from About.com's Cruises site.

Venice Cruise Photos

Venice from the Cruise Ship by Linda Garrison, Cruises
What will you see if you stop in Venice on a cruise? Linda Garrison, About.com Cruises, has 60 photos of her Venice visit on a Mediterranean cruise.

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