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Photos of Attractions in Verona, Italy


Take a virtual tour of Verona with our Verona photos. Verona is a top travel city in Italy known for its Roman Arena and as the city of Romeo and Juliet.

Verona's picturesque medieval center holds many interesting sights including beautiful squares, towers, and the Romanesque cathedral complex. Castelvecchio, a 14th century fortress and residence, has an excellent museum. In addition to the Roman Arena, now a top venue for opera performances, Verona has a smaller Roman theater and remains of several Roman sites. I recommend at least two days in Verona. See our guide to Verona Top Attractions to find out what to see and do.

Enjoy our pictures of Verona. Click on a small photo to see it larger.

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verona arena photo, piazza bra photo, roman arena photo, verona italyRoman Arena and Piazza Braverona photo, verona italyPhoto of Horse by the Roman Arenaverona arena photo, verona italyInside the Roman Arenaphoto of juliets house, juliets balcony photo, verona photo, verona italyJuliet's Statue, House and Balcony
verona photo, verona roman museum, roman mosaic photoPhoto of Roman Mosaic in Archeology Museumverona river photo, verona roman theater photo, verona italyVerona Roman Theater and Archeology Museum verona fountain photo, verona italy, piazza delle erbe photosFountain in Piazza delle Erbeverona piazza photo, piazza delle erbe photo, lamberti tower photo, verona italyView of Piazza delle Erbe from Above
verona piazza photo, piazza delle erbe photo, verona italyPicture of Piazza delle Erbeverona duomo photo, verona cathedral photo, verona italyVerona Duomo or Cathedral verona cathedral photo, verona italyPhoto of Reliefs on Verona Duomoverona duomo photo, verona italyPhoto of Verona Duomo Entrance
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