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Venetia, A Supernatural Thriller Set in Venice, Book Review

Recommended Reading for Fans of Venice, Thrillers, or Supernatural Tales

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I have to admit that I am not a big fan of supernatural novels, however after reading the prologue of Venetia - A Supernatural Thriller Set in Venice, I was hooked and couldn't wait to read the rest of the book. The novel starts with a short captivating story about a murder that takes place in 1508, then quickly shifts to the present and follows a couple who move to Venice, along with their seven-year-old daughter, to take part in an archeology project that relates to the story at the beginning of the book.<.p>

Throughout the book, the reader is taken on a journey through a part of Venice not so often visited by tourists as well as Venice's popular spots, creating an enchanting and vivid background for the actual events of the story.

The novel's supernatural elements don't really surface until about half way through the book and they don't overwhelm the overall story, so even if you're not a fan of the supernatural you may still find the book enjoyable, as I did. Although the dialogue is somewhat stilted at times and the book needs a little editing, there is an overshadowing sense of mystery to the story that keeps the reader hooked and definitely makes the book a thriller.

The Bottom Line: Venetia - A Supernatural Thriller Set in Venice

If you enjoy thrillers, supernatural fiction, or reading about Venice you will probably enjoy this book. If you're a fan of two or all three, this book is definitely for you. I found it to be a real page turner and read it quickly, anxious to find out how it would end. Although I have not read many supernatural thrillers, I can say that this was definitely the best one I have read.

Venetia - A Supernatural thriller set in Venice is a great book to read on the plane or train when you're heading to Venice, or when you're at home dreaming of Venice. It's also a good gift for anyone who is a fan of supernatural thrillers or who loves Venice. The price is very reasonable and it's available in paperback and for Kindle.

For a preview of the book, see the web site Venetia by Simom Barnes and be sure to take a look at the intriguing photos of the book's setting either before or after you read it.

Venetia - A Supernatural thriller set in Venice, by Simon M Barnes, is available both in paperback and for Kindle from Amazon US and Amazon UK

About the Author

Simon Barnes made five trips to Venice. In 2011 he stayed for three weeks to research for the book, exploring the city on his own, especially around the Arsenale, and visiting the islands of Lazzaretto Nuovo and San Michele, important settings in the book. Simon says, "I love going around the Arsenale during Biennale - I like the art but I'm fascinated by the buildings and the history of the place." Much of the story takes place near the Arsenale and Simon shares the history and his passion for it in Venetia.

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