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Photos of the Medieval Tuscany Hill Town of Volterra, Italy


Take a virtual tour of Volterra and find out what to see with these Volterra photos. Volterra, a walled hill town in Tuscany, has remnants of its Etruscan, Roman, and medieval past. It's one of Tuscany's most evocative hill towns but usually has far fewer tourists than nearby San Gimignano. Palazzo dei Priori, on the impressive Piazza dei Priori, is Tuscany's oldest town halls and the Medici fortress is now a prison with a unique gourmet restaurant inside (read about it by clicking on the fortress photo).

Find out more about what to do, how to arrive, and where to stay with our Volterra Travel Guide.

Enjoy these photos of Volterra. Click on an image to see it larger and get more information.

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volterra photos, volterra fortress, volterra prisonPicture of Medici Fortressvolterra photosPicture of Volterra and Towervolterra photos, piazza dei prioriPhoto of Piazza dei Priorivolterra clock tower, volterra photosPicture of Palazzo dei Priori
volterra etruscan gate photo, porto all arco photoPorta all'Arco or the Etruscan Gatevolterra photos, volterra roman theater picturePhoto of Roman Theatervolterra photos, volterra roman sitePhoto of Roman Archeology Site volterra photos, tuscany hill townsView of Volterra
volterra photos, san felice fountainsPicture of San Felice Fountainsvolterra photos, oratorio di san cristofano, duomo bell towerSan Cristofano Chapel and Duomo Bell Tower
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