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When to Go to Italy

Italy's Seasons, Holidays, and Weather Throughout the Year


Almost any time of year can be a good time to visit Italy but here's information to help you decide what's the best season for you. Click on the links to take a look at the highlights of travel to Italy during each of the seasons and find out more about weather, holidays, food, and festivals throughout the year in Italy.

Why Visit Italy in Spring

Young woman at Roman Forum
Pam McLean/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images
  • Beat the heat and tourist crowds of summer
  • Reasonable airfares and hotel prices (except Easter week)
  • Holy Week processions, spring festivals, and cultural events
  • More hours of daylight for traveling
  • Wildflowers, tree blossoms, and gardens in bloom
  • Flower Festivals and Infiorata Events (flower petal art)

Why Visit Italy in Summer

  • Enjoy lots of bright sunshine
  • Visit Italy's beaches
  • Partake in Italy's fantastic summer festivals
  • Attend outdoor concerts and plays
  • Relax outdoors in the warmth of evening
  • Have more hours of daylight for traveling

Why Visit Italy in Fall


  • Find lower airfares and accommodation prices
  • Enjoy fall foods like truffles and wild mushrooms
  • Attend fall festivals and cultural events
  • Travel and walk without the heat of summer
  • Visit tourist attractions and towns without big crowds
  • Experience the dramatic beauty of Italy in fall

Why Visit Italy in Winter

  • Bargain airfares and accommodation prices (except holidays)
  • Skiing and winter sports
  • Christmas, New Year's, and Carnevale Festivals
  • Cultural events and performances in historic theaters
  • Tourist attractions and museums without big crowds
  • Experience the beauty of snow in Italy

Poll: What's Your Favorite Season for Italy Travel?

We asked readers to vote on their favorite season for Italy travel. You can add your vote or take a look at what other travelers recommend.

Italy Weather and Climate

Take a look at the average temperatures, rainfall, and historic climate for selected cities in Italy on Travel Weather. You'll also be able to see the current weather in each city.

Italy's Festivals

Italy has many festivals, both big and small. Planning a visit to a festival can be fun but remember that during some of the most popular festivals, hotels may fill up so be sure to book in advance. Here are Italy's festivals by month.

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