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Italy Travel: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Don't Make These Mistakes: 10 Things Not to Do...
See top mistakes tourists make when visiting Italy. Here are top things not to do on your Italian vacation.
The Top 10 Cities You Should Visit in Italy
Italy has many beautiful and historic cities that are well worth a visit. Here are our picks for the ten best Italian cities to see on your travels.
What to See and Do With 3 Days in Rome
Rome is a popular travel city in Italy with many tourist attractions. Find out what to see and do in Rome with our 3 day suggested itinerary.
Top 10 Places to Go in Tuscany
Its picturesque hill towns make Tuscany one of Italy's top travel destinations. Here are top 10 Tuscany towns and attractions to see on your visit.
When Is Carnevale in Italy? Festival Dates from...
Find carnival dates for 2015 to 2020. Carnevale, also known as carnival or mardi gras, changes every year depending on the date of Easter.
What You Need to Know About Italian Electricity...
Find out about electricity in Italy, from plug adapters to power converters. Here's how to make your travel items compatible with Italian electricity.
Top Places To Go in Southern Italy
Find out about five top places to visit in Southern Italy. Here are Italy's most popular places to go for a vacation, from Naples south.
How to Travel from Rome to the Amalfi Coast and...
How to get to Sorrento, Positano, Pompeii, and Mount Vesuvius from Rome or Naples, with train and ferry information.
Carnevale Festivals: Italy's Mardi Gras or...
Carnevale or carnival is celebrated in Italy on Shrove Tuesday, 40 days before Easter. Find out about Italian carnevale traditions, dates, and events.
Italy's Must-See Sites and Attractions
Discover the most popular attractions and sites you must see on a visit to Italy.
10 Must-See Sights in Florence
Here are the top must-see sights and tourist attractions in Florence. Find out what to see and do on your visit to Florence, Italy.
The Colosseum and Beyond: Rome's Top Ancient...
Here are top ten ancient Roman sites to visit in Rome, Italy, and 2 outside the city walls. Visit these Roman sites for an overview of ancient Rome.
When In Rome...Take a Great Day Trip
Here are top places to go for a day trip from Rome, Italy. Where to go near Rome, Italy, and how to get there on public transportation.
What to Know About Traveling by Train in Italy
Find what you need to know about traveling by train in Italy. These tips will help you when buying Italian train tickets and riding the rails in Italy.
Discover Where to Go on the Amalfi Coast with...
Map showing top tourist towns and places to go on Italy's Amalfi Coast. Find travel information to plan your Amalfi Coast vacation in southern Italy.
Where to Go in Italy in 2016
See our recommendations for 5 top places to go and things to do in Italy in 2016, why you should visit them now, and how to use the good exchange rate.
When In Rome, See Michelangelo's Art
Where to see Michelangelo's art in Rome and the Vatican. Famous works by Renaissance artist Michelangelo Buonarotti located in Rome and Vatican City.
Italy Airports Map and Travel Information
Italy airports map showing the major Italian airports, with links to websites and other travel information.
When Is the Best Time to Visit Rome?
Learn about holidays, typical weather, and the most budget-friendly and least crowded times of year before planning your trip to Rome, Italy.
10 Great Day Trips from Milan
Here are the top 10 places to go for a day trip from Milan, Italy. Find cities and lakes that you can visit for a day out from Milan, Italy.
Plan Your Trip to Venice, One of Italy's Most...
Use this guide to find what to see and where to go, places to stay, weather, and transportation for Venice, one of the top travel cities in Italy.
Everything You Need to Know About Lake Como
Find what to see and do, top places to visit, where to stay, and transportation information for Lake Como, Italy's most popular vacation lake.
What to Know about Gondola Rides in Venice
Find out about gondola rides in Venice, Italy. Here are tips to help you get the most out of your Venice gondola ride.
How to Get from Rome to Naples
How to get from Rome to Naples, Italy. Find transportation options and how to travel by train between Naples and Rome, two top cities in Italy.
Rome Shopping Guide: From Fashions to Flea...
Shopping in Rome is fantastic whether you are searching for fashions or a bargain. Here are a few ideas on where to shop in Italy's capital.
What Events Are Happening in Italy During Your...
Find dates for Italian festivals and holidays in Italy. Here's information about popular and unusual Italian festivals in Italy listed by month.
The Best Films to Get You in the Mood for an...
Top Italian films and movies set in Italy. Here are our picks for best movies filmed in Italy to see before your Italian vacation or for armchair travel.
Book These Italian Museums and Attractions...
How to make reservations and buy tickets ahead for museums and tourist attractions in Italy. Top Italian sites and museums you should book in advance.
Where to Visit Rome's Catacombs
Find out where and how to visit underground catacombs in Rome, Italy. Find places to see skeletons, mummies, and underground burial places in Italy.
6 Must-See Towns on Italy's Stunning Amalfi Coast
Find where to go and top towns to visit on the Amalfi Coast of Southern Italy. See a photo of the Amalfi Coast from the village of Vietri sul Mare.
Should You Visit Venice During Acqua Alta?
If you're planning a trip to Venice, weather, festivals, and the acqua alta should all be considered when deciding when to go to Venice.
5 Reasons to Go to Rome in 2016
Find reasons why 2016 is a great year to visit Rome and Vatican City. Discover what to see and do on your 2016 vacation in Rome, Italy.
The Best of Italy: Hill Towns, Cities, Lakes,...
Find the best places to go in Italy including cities, hill towns, seaside resort villages, and must-see sights. Plan where to go on your Italian travels.
How to Travel Between Rome and Venice
Here's how to travel between Rome and Venice, Italy. See tips for finding train transportation from Rome to Venice and what to do when you arrive.
Puglia Map and Travel Information: Puglia...
Puglia map of the major cities to visit in the region of Puglia, Italy.
Italian Cities Often Overlooked by Tourists
Find the best small Italian cities to visit in Italy. Consider these Italian cities often overlooked by tourists if you've been to Italy's top cities.
How to Get Around Venice on the Vaporetto
How to use the vaporetto, public transportation in Venice, Italy. Here are vaporetto fares and water bus information for Venice, Italy.
48 Hours in Rome: The Essential Two-Day Itinerary
Information about what to do in Rome if you've only got two days to spare, including the city's must-see attractions, dining and self-guided tours.
Carnevale in Venice, Italy's Most Popular...
During carnival season Venice is filled with costumed characters, entertainment, and food stalls. Plan your trip to Venice carnevale with these tips.
9 Great Day Trips from Venice
Here are top places to go for day trips from Venice including islands of the Venetian lagoon, villas, and towns in the Veneto region of northeastern Italy.
Do You Need a Visa for Your Trip to Italy?
Find the answers to these frequently asked questions: Do I need a visa for Italy? How do I apply for an Italian visa? See visa information for Italy.
Hike, Cook, Shop, or Go to a Festival on...
Find top things to do on Southern Italy's Amalfi Coast including walking paths and hiking trails, cooking classes, festivals, and where to shop.
What to See and Do in Sorrento on the Amalfi...
Travel guide for Sorrento, a resort town on southern Italy's Amalfi Coast. Find out where to stay and what to see and do in Sorrento, Italy.
How to Skip the Lines and Save Money in Rome
Visiting ancient monuments and museums in Rome can be expensive. Here are discount cards and passes to help you save money and time in Rome, Italy.
The Essential Guide to Naples, Italy
Our travel guide has essential tourist information and suggestions on how to plan and enjoy your visit to Naples, the largest city in southern Italy.
How to Travel Between Rome and Florence
See transportation tips for traveling between Rome and Florence, Italy. Find out how to get from Rome to Florence by train or car with these travel tips.
Take Advantage of These Designer Bargains in Rome
There are many great places to shop for designer bargains in Rome, Italy. Learn about where to find designer bargains and fashion outlets in Rome.
The Essential Guide to Milan Italy
Our Milan travel guide has tourist essentials, places to stay, transportation information, and what to see and do in Italy's fashion and culture city.
What's On in Italy in February
A highlight of February in Italy is Carnevale. Sicily holds a big procession for St. Agatha's Feast Day. Find out about February festivals in Italy.
Where to Go for Your Romantic Italian Vacation
See top romantic places to go in Italy. Italian seaside villages, lakes, and cities for your romantic vacation in Italy.
How to Skip the Colosseum's Ticket Line
Here are ways to avoid the long ticket lines at the Roman Colosseum. How and where to buy tickets for the Colosseum and Forum in Rome, Italy.
Visiting Turin: Baroque Cafes and Squares,...
Find visiting information including where to stay and what to see and do in our Travel Guide to Turin, a top city in northern Italy.
How to See da Vinci's Last Supper in Milan
Find out how to get tickets to see The Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting in the Santa Maria delle Grazie Church in Milan, Italy.
Italian Riviera Map and Guide: Where to Go in...
Here's a tourist map and guide to top places to go on the Italian Riviera from the Gulf of Poets and Cinque Terre to Sanremo and the French border.
You Need One of These Power Adapters or...
If you want to use American electrical devices in Italy you'll need a plug adapter or power converter. Here are top choices for adapters and converters.
What to See in the City of Romeo and Juliet
Here's what to see and do in Verona, known for its Roman arena and Romeo and Juliet. Find visiting information and top attractions for Verona, Italy.
Italy Family Travel: Where to Go with Kids
Here are good places to take the kids on your family vacation in Italy. Where to go in Italy if you're traveling with children.
Venice Month-by-Month
Learn about the festivals and events that happen each year in Venice, Italy. Calendar of holidays, events, and celebrations in Venice month by month. Find things to do in Venice for each month of the year.
Rome Events in February
Learn about the festivals and events that happen each February in Rome, Italy. Find things to do in Rome in February.
Italy City Map and Distance Calculator
Find the distances between major Italian cities on the map with our Italy distance calculator.
What to Know about Visiting Italy in Winter
Here's a look at what Italy has to offer the visitor in winter. Find out about winter weather, festivals, holidays, and cultural events in Italy.
Escape the Heat of Rome with a Beach Day Trip
Summer in Rome can be very hot. Here are three beaches that can be reached by public transportation from Rome, Italy, and a guided day tour to a beach.
How to Get to Padre Pio Shrine from Rome
How to get to Padre Pio Shrine and Church from Rome, Italy. Find transportation options for going between Rome and San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy.
How is Easter Week Celebrated in Italy?...
Easter week in Italy is celebrated with processions, religious festivals, and food. Find out about Italian Easter week traditions and events.
Where to Go in Tuscany for a Day Out from...
Find where to go and what to see on a day trip from Florence. Here are Tuscany towns, guided winery tours, and nearby cities to visit from Florence, Italy.
What to Know about Driving in Italy
Our Italy driving tips has things you should know before you drive on your Italian vacation. What to know about driving in Italy.
Venice Neighborhoods, or Sestieri, Map and...
See Venice sestieri on our map and the highlights of each neighborhood. Find what to see and do in each sestiere of Venice, Italy.
Dining Out in Italy: How to Enjoy an Italian Meal
Food is a very important part of Italian culture and dining it Italy can be a real pleasure. Here's how and where to eat out in Italy.
Don't Be the Victim of a Pickpocket in Italy
Find safety tips to avoid petty theft, pickpockets, and purse snatchers in Italian cities. Learn how to avoid being a target for pickpockets in Italy.
How to Get from Your Cruise Ship to Rome or the...
Learn how to travel from Civitavecchia cruise ship port into Rome or Fiumicino Airport. What to know when your cruise ship docks in Civitavecchia, Italy.
11 Beautiful Churches You Have to Visit in Rome
Rome has many interesting churches worth a visit but there are some that really stand out. Here are the top churches to visit in Rome and what to see.
Geography of Italy - Map and Geographical...
Learn about the geography of Italy with our geographical map and information about mountains, rivers, and volcanoes.
How To Buy Italian Train Tickets Online
Find out how to buy Italian train tickets online. We answer the frequently asked question, how can I buy Italian train tickets before I go to Italy?
Where to Go for Opera in Italy
Here are the top opera houses, historic theaters, and outdoor performance venues in Italy with ticket information. Opera fans won't want to miss these.
Visit the Picturesque Town of Positano, Amalfi...
Read about attractions and hotels in the picturesque town of Positano on southern Italy's Amalfi Coast. Find Positano travel and visiting information.
How to Visit Padre Pio Shrine
Tips for visiting Padre Pio pilgrimage Shrine, tomb, and Santa Maria delle Grazie Sanctuary in San Giovanni Rotondo in Southern Italy's Puglia region.
Museums You Must See on Your Visit to Venice
Venice has an incredible variety of art in its museums. This list provides information on Venice's top museums and galleries and what to see in the museums of Venice, Italy.
Espresso? Latte? Cappuccino? What Should I...
Italians are pretty fussy about their caffe, or coffee, or espresso, but there are an amazing number of coffee drinks available in any Italian bar.
Garda Lake Travel Map
Lake Garda, Lago di Garda in Italian, is Italy's largest lake. Find where to go on Lake Garda with this travel map showing top cities and towns to visit. Page 3.
Lake Como Travel Map
Our Como Lake map shows the interesting cities around the lake. Find travel information about where to go on Lake Como. Page 2.
Visiting Italy in May? Don't Miss These...
Going to a local festival is a fun part of Italian vacations. Here are top festivals, events, and holidays celebrated in Italy during May.
What Are the Big Events in Rome in April?
Learn about the festivals and events that happen each April in Rome, Italy. Find things to do in Rome in April.
How to Save Money on Your Italian Vacation
Find budget travel tips for visiting Italy. How to save money in Rome, Florence, Venice, and Tuscany. Here are tips for saving money on your Italy vacation.
Best Day Trips to Take from the Amalfi Coast or...
Find the best 5 places to visit on day trips from the Amalfi Coast with information about accommodations, transportation, and travel planning.
7 Islands to Visit While in Venice
Visiting the islands of Venice is a top day trip from Venice. Here are the top islands to visit in the Venetian Lagoon when you go to Venice, Italy.
The Colorful Seaside Town of Portofino, Italian...
In our travel guide you'll find the information you need for visiting Portofino, a beautiful seaside resort village on the Italian Riviera.
Explore the Vatican City Sites With These Tips
Find visiting information and sights for Vatican City, or Holy See, home to the Pope, the Vatican Museums, Saint Peter's Basilica and Sistine Chapel.
A Quick Guide to Visiting Rome
Find travel information and tourist attractions for Rome, Italy. Our overview of Rome has what to see and do, places to stay, transportation, and information essential to the visitor.
What to See and Do When You Visit Venice
Find out what to see and do in Venice including visiting Saint Mark's Square, taking a gondola ride, and going to Carnevale.
What Happens During Easter Week at the Vatican...
Rome and the Vatican are very popular during Easter season. Here are Palm Sunday and Easter week events at the Vatican and in Rome led by the Pope.
Venice in February
Learn about the festivals and events that happen each February in Venice, Italy. Here are holidays and celebrations in February in Venice. Find things to do in Venice in February.
Map of Calabria Italy and Travel Essentials
Map of Calabria showing the main tourist attractions, cities, and national parks of Calabria in southern Italy.
Venice's Colorful Island of Burano
Burano is one of Venice's most picturesque and most popular islands for visitors. Here is information about how to get there, what to see, and where to eat.
Your Month-to-Month Guide to What's Going On in...
Learn about the festivals and events that happen each year in Rome, Italy. Find things to do in Rome for each month of the year.
March Events in Italy You Don't Want to Miss
Find events and festivals celebrated in March in Italy including Women's Day, Saint Joseph's Day, or Father's Day, Saint Patrick's Day, and spring.
Must-See Attractions in Rome: From Ruins to...
Find the top tourist attractions in Rome, Italy. Use this guide to Rome attractions to find the best things to see and do in the eternal city.
What to See and Do in Milan, Northern Italy
Here are top tourist attractions and things to do in Milan, Italy. Find out what to do and see on a visit to Milan, Italy.
What's On in Venice in March
Learn about the festivals and events that happen each March in Venice, Italy. Here are holidays and celebrations in March in Venice. Find things to do in Venice in March.
How to See Rome in 48 Hours
Find out how to spend 48 hours in Rome, Italy. This guide provides information about what to do in Rome if you've only got two days to spare. Learn more about Rome's must-see attractions and visiting the Vactican and get tips for dining and self-guided tours.
Why You Should Visit Italy in Spring
Find out about spring weather in Italy, Italian festivals and holidays, and Italian food in spring. Here's a look at what Italy has to offer in spring.
Guide to Visiting the Tuscan Hill Town of Cortona
Our travel guide has tourist essentials for visiting the Tuscan hill town of Cortona. Find where to stay, transportation, and what to see in Cortona, Italy.
When to Go to Italy? Highlights of Each Season
Find out about Italy's seasons, holidays and weather to choose when to go. Read pros and cons of visiting Italy in winter, spring, summer and fall.
The Pharmacy in Italy - Farmacia - Handling...
Learn about the Italian pharmacy or farmacia and what services it can offer the visitor to Italy with a medical emergency or in need of medicines.
What's On in Venice in April
Learn about the festivals and events that happen each April in Venice, Italy. Here are holidays and celebrations in April in Venice. Find things to do in Venice in April.
What Are the Most Famous Bridges in Venice,...
Venice, the "City of Canals," is also called the "City of Bridges" because of the numerous spans that
Where to Go for an Italian Lake Vacation
Use this guide to Italian lakes to choose which one to visit. Find where to go for a lake vacation in Italy with these top Italian lakes.
How to Get from Rome to Cinque Terre and the...
How to get from Rome to Italy's northwest coast including Cinque Terre, the Italian Riviera and Genoa. Rome to Genoa and Cinque Terre transportation tips.
Food Shopping in Italy - Italian Grocery...
Guide to shopping for food and groceries in Italy. How to shop for groceries in Italian food stores and supermarkets.
Live Like Royalty In These Italian Castle Hotels
Staying in an Italian castle hotel can be very romantic. Here are castles in Italy where you can spend the night and live like a king or queen.
How to Get from Rome to Milan
See transportation tips for traveling between Rome and Milan, Italy. Find out how to get from Rome to Milan by train, car, or plane with these travel tips.
Venice's Torcello Island: Byzantine Mosaics and...
How to visit the island of Torcello in the lagoon of Venice, Italy. Find out what to see and how to get to Torcello Island in Venice.
Italian Riviera Travel Guide: Cinque Terre,...
Find visiting information for Italian Riviera towns including Cinque Terre and Portofino. See top Italian Riviera travel spots from Genoa to Tuscany.
Take the Waters in Montecatini Terme, Tuscany...
Find travel information including what to see and do and where to stay in the famous Tuscany spa town of Montecatini Terme, Italy.
Where to Go in Umbria, Italy's Green Heart
Find the best hill towns to visit in Umbria, Italy. Plan your trip to Umbria, Italy's green heart, with this guide to where to go and what to see.
Get to Know Lake Garda, Italy's Largest Lake
Travel guide and visitor information for Lake Garda including what to see and do. Find transportation, hotels, and where to go on Lake Garda, Italy.
Do Something Unusual on Your Rome Vacation
Find unique guided tours in Rome including Sistine Chapel after hours visit, underground Colosseum, Vespa or Fiat 500 trips, or Roman gladiator class.
Explore Lombardy and the Lakes with This Map...
Find cities, lakes, and top places to go with our map of the Lombardy region in Northern Italy.
Where to Shop and What to Buy in Italian Cities...
Find out where to shop and what to buy in Italian cities and towns. Use this guide to shopping in Italy on your travels.
Italy in April: Festivals and Celebrations
April is a good time for travel in Italy. Here are some of the top festivals, events, and holidays celebrated in Italy during April.
Foodie Paradise: Fall Truffle Fairs in Italy
Guide to where to go for fall truffle festivals in Italy. Find top Italian fairs for the white truffle and how to go truffle hunting in Piedmont.
Tips for Using ATM Cards in Italy
Find out how to use your ATM cards for withdrawing cash or getting euro in Italy. Tips for using a Bancomat with your ATM card to get cash in Italy.
Take a Great Train Trip in Northern Italy
Our suggested train itinerary from Milan to Venice takes you to historic cities and towns in Northern Italy, traveling through a variety of landscapes.
Why You Need a Vatican and Rome Sightseeing Card
Find out about the OMNIA Vatican and Rome Card, a convenient three day sightseeing pass for museums and sites in Vatican City and Rome, Italy.
What to Expect When You Go to an Italian Beach
Find tips for going to the beach in Italy and top places to go to the beach. Here's what to expect when you spend the day at an Italian beach.
Pictures of Lake Como
Take a virtual tour of Lake Como, Italy's most popular lake, with these photos.
Free Things to See and Do in Florence
Find the best free things to see and do in Florence, Italy. How to sight-see in Florence without spending any money.
5 Great Coast Towns with Beaches on Sicily
Five coast towns with great beaches on the island of Sicily. Beaches in seaside towns worth a visit on Sicily, Italy.
Suggested Itinerary for 2 Fabulous Weeks in Italy
Find out how to experience the best of Italy in two weeks with our suggested independent travel itinerary. Plan your Italy vacation with this sample trip.
Where to Go in the Emilia Romagna Region
Find the best cities and towns to visit in Northern Italy's Emilia Romagna region with this travel map and guide.
8 of Italy's Best Summer Music Festivals
Top Italian summer music festivals and outdoor concerts in Italy. Summer is a great time to experience an outdoor concert in Italy.
The Essential Guide to the Vatican Museums
How to visit the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel. Plan your visit to the Vatican Museums, one of the attractions you must see on a visit to Rome.
Milan Transportation Map - Getting Around...
Milan transportation map for figuring how to get around on public transportation in Milan, Italy, called Milano in Italian. Milan public transportation information.
12 Reasons to Visit Lucca
Here are top must-see sights and tourist attractions in Lucca, Italy. Find out what things to see and do in Lucca, a medieval walled city in Tuscany.
A Beginner's Guide to Visiting Italy
Plan your Italian vacation with our travel guide. You'll find travel planning information, transportation, climate, and when and where to go in Italy.
What Are the Top Festivals in Italy?
When in Italy, don't miss a chance to go to a festival. See our guide to top Italian festivals including Carnival and the palio of Siena.
Take a Virtual Walk in Rome's Piazza Navona
Piazza Navona is one of Rome's top squares. Take a look at Piazza Navona and find out what to see with our illustrated walking tour.
Sardinia's 5 Best Beaches for Sand, Sun, and Sea
The top five beaches to visit on the island of Sardinia, Italy. Find 5 great Sardinia beaches to go to on your summer vacation and how to get to them.
What is the Passeggiata Custom in Italy?
Find out about La Passeggiata, the art of taking a walk in the evening, an Italian social ritual you'll see in many parts of Italy.
What Dates Are Holidays in Italy and How Are...
Find out which dates are national holidays in Italy and how they are celebrated. Answer to the FAQ, what days are public holidays in Italy?
Visit Lecce, Baroque City in Southern Italy's...
Find visiting information including where to stay and what to see and do in Lecce, a Baroque city in the Puglia region of southern Italy.
Italian Train Tickets FAQ: When Can I Buy My...
Find the answer to the frequently asked question about Italian train travel - when can I buy my train tickets for Italy?
What's On in Italy in June: Festivals,...
Going to a local festival should be part of your Italy travels. Here are top Italian festivals, events, and holidays celebrated in Italy during June.
Venice Events in May
Learn about the festivals and events that happen each May in Venice, Italy. Find things to do in Venice in May.
Ferries from Italy to Greece
Use this guide to ferries to find out how and where to go to Greece or Croatia from Brindisi and other Italian ports.
Must-See Florence Museums
Use this guide to learn about the top museums to visit in Florence, Italy. Find information for top five museums to see in Florence including the Uffizi.
Get to Know the Tuscany Hill Town of Siena
Travel guide and what to see and do in Siena, Tuscany hill town famous for its Palio horse race. Plan your vacation to Siena, Italy, with this guide.
Find the Best Places to Stay in Rome
Find best rated hotels in Rome, Italy. Here are top Rome hotels including budget, luxury, and places to stay in the historic center or near the Vatican.
Why Visit Italy in Fall?
Here's a look at what Italy has to offer in autumn and why you should go in fall. Find out about fall foods, festivals, and autumn weather in Italy.
The Drawing Room of Europe: Saint Mark's Square...
Find out what to see on Saint Mark's Square, Venice's top piazza. Learn about churches, museums, and landmarks on Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy.

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