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Reader Submissions: What's Your Favorite Italian Lake?


Italian lakes are popular vacation spots in Italy. There are many lakes from which to choose from the large and popular northern Italian lakes to small lakes. Read about the favorite lakes of Italy Travel readers or share your own Italian lake experience. You can also vote in our poll or see poll results: What's Your Favorite Italian Lake?

Lake Trasimeno

because it is not so crowded as other lakes I visited at the north of Italy, and because this lake has some of the best fishes I ever ate, specially the "pesce persico".There is also possibility to r…More

Lake Maggiore

I LOVE this lake because it is where my parents are from. As a child, I used to visit here every 2 or 3 years. It is where my roots are. I am very familiar with several towns along the lake and consi…More

Lago Averno

Lago Averno is the lake described by both Virgil and Dante as containing the Entrance to Hades. You can actually see the entrance if you sign up for a tour of the Grotto di Sibilla. There is a walkin…More

Lake Maggiore

Not only does the Borromeo family collect fishing taxes for the privilege of being able to fish the lake but also collects taxes from the neighboring island, which is rarely visited. It is the only p…More

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