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Reader Submissions: What's Your Favorite Place in Tuscany?


Tuscany is a favorite region for vacations in Italy. Tuscany has lots to offer from popular hill towns and the city of Florence to picturesque countryside and seaside destinations. Tell us about your favorite place in Tuscany and read other people's top picks.


Cortona was and is the most authentic Italy we have experienced, from the monastery at the top (yr. 1000) to each layer of Cortona built below (from 1100 thru present). You walk down the cobblestone …More


This ancient Etruscan hill town is alive and bustling with activity, and the traffice free center is heaven to relax and enjoy a Tuscan summer day. While it got its recent fame from Frances Mayes' bo…More


Originally I loved the culture the city had to offer, the wonderful museums, the art and the residential areas above the city looking down over the wonderful cityscape. Because my husband and I were …More

Massa Marittima

At the top of a hill but near the sea, the small town looks out over beautiful vineyards. We found a grand church on an intimate square, fascinating art depicting the life of a patron saint, great fo…More


To park the car, then walk up to the Fortezza at the peak of Montalcino, to observe the countryside, to watch a summer thunderstorm moving in, that's nature in all her splendor. Then to rush down the…More

Montepulciano Hotel

The hotel is set in a 14th century palazzo in the historical center of Montepulciano in Tuscany. It is a family-run hotel. The area around Montepulciano has so much to offer people who love food, win…More


Montespertoli is my top pick because it is a good family destination if you have children. It is centrally located to most cities in Tuscany and is economical. Montespertoli a very peaceful and relax…More

Lovely Lucca

My son and I visited Lucca and fell in love! It has an "other world" feel to it, as it is walled and there is no traffic except minibusses and taxis delivering people to their hotels. Our hosts at a …More


The history, architecture and art of Rome and Florence (especially the Uffizi) are outstanding. Venice has its unique beauty. But the Val d’Orcia in Tuscany is a dream come true for experiencin…More


Pienza is small enough to be able to get around, flat enough for the aged and infirm to walk, beautiful both within and outside the walls, unique in that it contains the residence and Duomo of Pope P…More

Piazza del Campo, Siena

The most unique piazza in Tuscany, where you can enjoy an everyday aperitif and not pay a lot of money, and still take in some great people watching during the evening passeggiata. Shell shaped and s…More

Agriturismo and Tuscany Favorites

Everyone was so nice to us. Tuscany region likes tourist. They even like Americans. Firenze, the Duomo. We had a great English speaking guide from Victor. He and She were very entertaining and inform…More

Wherever I am at the Time

Simple! Because it's where I happen to be at the moment, and -- hopefully -- I'm doing something worthwhile and fun. Or, if I'm not, I soon will be or just was. Or the atmosphere is nice and interest…More

San Miniato al Tedesco

It is an ancient town once inhabited by the Etruscans, Romans, Longobardi-Lucchesi. The tower, located on the highest ridge of the town, on a clear day, offers a magnificent view of the entire Val d'…More

De Miccoli in Siena

At De Miccoli, we had wonderful bread, cheese meats and wine served outside on an oak barrel, right next to the street, on a perfect evening in Siena. It's the best place to get a cultural bite to ea…More


There are many thematic itineraries in Versilia you may choose:Food lovers may start from Viareggio, right on the pier to watch the hectic activities of fishermen in the morning and taste some typica…More

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